A lot of years ago I was at a small meet up where the future of mobile was being discussed, a bit outside of the agenda a guy was talking about Blockchain and described it as being the next big thing since internet and the smart-phone. Not really understanding why back then, but now in 2021 there is a lot more talk about Blockchain and Crypto, more experts are stating that this is the next big thing (or perhaps it already is). Therefore I want to go on a journey to dig deep into understanding Blockchain and doing my best to explain it in simple English. Because this is my number one issue today, there is a lot of content (blogs, videos, TedTalks, Podcasts etc) but I feel that a lot of it gets very technical and complex right away.

I´ve not decided yet in what format I will take this project, but I will start it out as a blog and then go from there.

Short about me, my name is Anders Alknes and if you want to connect you can find me here. I have a masters degree within finance, leadership and marketing from the US and have since that been working with digital marketing for a couple of different companies, and today I´m working as a business consultant helping companies with their digital growth for Curamando.

If any money is made from this blog (either through ads or affiliates) it will be invested into something Blockchain related, for example NFT´s or cryptocurrency and I will write about it.

I hope you fill follow me on my journey to understanding Blockchain.

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