What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the technology that powers the cryptocurrency Ether (Eth) and is built using blockchain technology. Currently, Ether is second in market value behind Bitcoin. Ethereum was introduced back in 2013 when the founder Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper, and two years later in 2015 Ethereum was launched. What makes Ethereum different than Bitcoin? Where […]

How to avoid being scammed when purchasing NFT projects

So I had to learn the lesson the hard way myself, I minted 2 NFT´s just to realize a day later that the creator just took off running with the eth. It was a lesson that cost me some money but one that I will learn a lot from. After reflecting upon what happened it […]

What is cryptocurrency?

In the last post we looked at what blockchain is and how it´s defined. Often when people think about blockchain they think about cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is probably the first cryptocurrency and the one that most people have heard about. Below is a graph from Google Trends showing the amount of searches, as […]

What is blockchain?

The goal with this blog post it to explain what blockchain is without using a very technical description and lots of abbreviations and difficult terms. There are quite a lot of different definitions of what blockchain is:Wikepedia explains it with this definition: A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked together using cryptography.[1][2][3][4] Each block contains […]

Why did I start this blog about Blockchain?

So first of all, nice to meet you! My name is Anders and in this post I will try to explain to you why I created I attended a meet-up in Oslo over 10 years ago to discuss the future of mobile, a bit on the side of the agenda there was a guy […]

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