Why did I start this blog about Blockchain?

So first of all, nice to meet you! My name is Anders and in this post I will try to explain to you why I created understandingblockchain.io

I attended a meet-up in Oslo over 10 years ago to discuss the future of mobile, a bit on the side of the agenda there was a guy talking about Blockchain. A statement he made stuck with me “Blockchain is going to be the next big thing, we just don´t know how yet”. He also made the argument that Blockchain would have the same impact on us as the introduction of the internet.

What did I think of this?

I was fascinated but was not able to comprehend what Blockchain was, and how it is going to have such a big impact. Keep in mind that this was over 10 years ago. I didn´t do anything actively towards understanding it back then but I´ve always been interested and intrigued by Blockchain technology.

Since I attended the meet-up in Oslo a lot has happened, and now even more experts are making the same statement “this is the next big thing”. But I have two big issues with it:
1. Most people don´t understand what Blockchain is
2. How is it the next big thing?

These two are the reasons for why I´m creating this blog, I want to go on a journey wide and deep to understand how Blockchain will change our lives and I want to bring you along on the journey.

Blockchain vs Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

The fact that most people think about crypto when they hear Blockchain fascinates me, surely there must be much more than “just” crypto. This is one of the areas I want to deep dive into.

What now?

I want to jump in and start learning and understanding, matter of fact I´ve already started writing up my next blog post which is going to be titled “What is Blockchain?”.

What do you guys want me to research? Do you have any ideas, comments or inputs I´d love to hear it. Reach out to me or leave a comment on this post.

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